About Root8

Embracing Sustainability and Zero Waste

All great journeys begin with a single step. This is ours. We offer eco-friendly alternatives for products that harm our environment.

We started with sustainably produced disposable straws using bamboo. Bamboo quickly grows without the need for chemicals and pesticides. It is hygienic, completely natural, and safe to use.

Our clients enjoy buying from us due to the quality of our products which their customers love. They also support our ideals for reducing our reliance on plastic and promoting an eco-friendly approach to disposable items.

Join us on our journey to improve sustainability and reduce waste.

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To continuously work with Mother Nature’s unlimited ways of nurturing us in all our needs. We will continue to be proactive in producing sustainable and organic plant-based items that will support every customer’s needs.


To collaborate and cooperate with the growing network of eco-friendly advocates by presenting customers with the best alternative for products that offer sustainable solutions. 

Sustainability is a part of everything we do

Root 8 is proud to meet four of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our plant-based products.

  • We believe in responsible and sustainable consumption and production patterns through our environmentally friendly products.
  • We support climate change action by limiting the use of paper-based products that affect our forests.
  • We advocate for life below water as we do our part to eliminate single-use plastics that end up in our rivers and oceans.
  • We promote life on land with the sustainable use of our resources, especially through replenishable sources like bamboo.

Be a part of the Root 8 impact. Shop bamboo straws and eliminate single-use plastic straws in your business.