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Blogs about bamboe products

Root 8 regularly writes fun and informative blogs about bamboo products. Blogs about our environmentally friendly and sustainable disposable bamboo straws.

Useful information and nice blogs and articles to read. We hope in this way to provide you with the best possible information for buying bamboo products, such as bamboo straws.

Our straws are biodegradable and disposable. Our environmentally friendly straws are heat and cold resistant. Perfectly suited for all hot and cold drinks.

Best Alternative To Plastic Straws

The best alternative to plastic straws. Choose a world without plastic and start using 100% vegetable bamboo straws.

Don’t you believe as strongly as Root 8 in the story of biodegradable straws? And do you also want to contribute to a sustainable world? Then don’t use plastic straws anymore.

Buy bamboo straws for home use to restaurant. Root 8 offers high quality products and customized solutions to our customers.

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