8 mm Disposable Bamboo Straw 150 pieces per pack

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Great for all kinds of drinks with crashed ice or thick consistence – like for example smoothies and milkshakes.

Diameter – 8 mm

Length – 18 cm


Our Bamboo straw is uniquely and alternatively processed. From harvesting Asia’s best bamboo barks, it is carefully shredded and grinded until it becomes a powder form. After the drying process of the powder, it is then placed in a uniquely engineered machine specifically to produce the bamboo straws.  Origins of the barks come from organic, biodegradable and compostable bamboo plant.

1 review for 8 mm Disposable Bamboo Straw 150 pieces per pack

  1. bmzbc

    This product is amazing not only because is good for the environment but also its quality is exceptional. I used them for a smoothie and it worked great. The big surprise was then they really do not get floppy when staying longer in the drink.

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